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Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Joey Stuckey Presents

Studio 41 Presents Joey Stuckey

Joey Stuckey, host of Studio 41, shares with us his song and music video "Blind Man Drivin'."

Studio 41 Presents Wesley Cook

Joey Stuckey sits down in Studio 41 with Wesley Cook.

Studio 41 Presents Robert Coleman (Part 2)

Joey finishes his conversation with Robert Coleman.

Studio 41 Presents Robert Coleman

Joey Stuckey sits down with Macon musician Robert Coleman. Part 1 of 2

Studio 41 Presents Lyndon

Joey Stuckey sits down with Lyndon in Studio 41.

Studio 41 Presents Zale

Joey and Zale sit down in Studio 41 to discuss her song, "Too Much Too Soon."

Studio 41 Presents Mike Little

Joey and Mike Little sit down in the studio.

Studio 41 Presents Corner Concerts

Joey brings in George, one of the organizers behind Macon's Corner Concerts series.

Studio 41 Presents Gallery West

Joey and Kirsten West discuss Gallery West.

10 selected to feature on first ever Macon music album

Organizers from NewTown Macon and the 'Shadow Sound Studio' made the announcement on Monday.